A CFD (Contract for Difference) is an agreement between two parties; a client and a provider


There are numerous CFD brokers available in Australia that can be found and compared through our website Compare Forex Brokers. The top five CFD brokers for 2016 include CMC Markets Australia, IC Markets, Think Forex, Pepperstone, and Go Markets. CMC Markets has been rated the best value as they do not require a minimum deposit, have guaranteed stops, are compatible with all common devices, and give users unlimited access to a free demo account. Furthermore, they provide a promotional bonus of up to $10 per million units traded over 25 million units. In terms of the highest rated broker, Think Forex and IC Markets tied although the latter had more features that users tended to navigate towards.

A CFD (Contract for Difference) is an agreement between two parties; a client and a provider, to exchange the difference between the opening and closing value of a trade. AvaTrade holds multiple licenses in trading jurisdictions around the world. This is your guarantee that all our operations are credible. Our clients have full confidence in our wide range of trading instruments and trading platforms. We are fully equipped to offer you secure trading in a regulated environment.

The traders can generate a lot of revenue as long as they make the right predictions on the assets. The challenge with this market is that it heavily relies on speculations. However, you cannot achieve your financial goals unless you select the right online CFD broker.

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