Travelling To Shenzhen 

with HK visa and passport for your China business and international business support. If you want to make the most out of your time in Shenzhen, you are recommended to use the Shenzhen Metro which is one of the most efficient and time-saving means of transportation. According to the district of the city you want to go, you can choose Luobao Line, Longhua Line, Shekou Line, Longgang Line or Huanzhong Line. The official website of Shenzhen Metro gives detailed information on lines, time tables and fares. visit the next!

Luohu was one of the first areas of Shenzhen to be developed and the streets feel more typically Chinese, reminiscent of some parts of Beijing. It’s a thriving commercial zone more densely populated by shopping malls than another district in Shenzhen. You’ll find MIXc, KK Mall, King Glory Plaza and popular Dongmen Commercial Street. If you’re shopping for gold or pearl jewellery, then Suites and King Living International Jewellery Exchange Centres should be high on your itinerary.

On the third day of your Hong Kong tour, you will be picked up to visit the dreamy world of Disneyland. It is the perfect day to let your inner child come out to play. Click pictures with your favourite Disneyland characters, visit the elaborate castles and film sets, and enjoy the show ‘Festival of The Lion King’. Try out thrilling roller coaster rides, for the ultimate adrenaline rush.

The hotel is also directly accessible by Shenzhen’s new metro system, which connects to the Hong Kong border and Shenzhen’s major shopping, sightseeing and business districts. Only 45 minutes by car from Shenzhen International Airport (SZX) and one hour from Hong Kong International Airport (HKG), the hotel is the ideal choice for both business and leisure travellers.

The Dongmen area is not a mall or a shopping centre, it is an open-air market where hundreds of shops interconnect. You should go to Dongmen if you’re looking for clothing, handbags, and small ticket items, and there is also a famous shoe mall” in this area. The prices are lower in Dongmen than Luohu Commercial City and you can easily negotiate even cheaper prices on some items. Dongmen is very big and usually busy, so try to plan out your shopping ahead of time to make the most of your trip and don’t get lost! You may also want to bring cash as some of the smaller stalls and shops won’t take credit cards.

From Hung Hom MTR station on Kowloon side, you need to take the East Rail Line to Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau stations, which are both on the Chinese border. Whether you get off in Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau depends on where you want to go in Shenzhen. Lo Wu is the most popular crossing point. It has the huge Luo Ho shopping centre right on the border and offers quick connections to downtown Shenzhen. The Lok Ma Chau crossing is better for some Shenzhen hotels Both crossing points are connected to the Shenzhen metro.

The Mobile Marketing Age is Upon Us. 


If you’ve ever launched an advertising or marketing campaign, you shoul know that it’s important to monitor the marketing campaign’s efficiency to measure the ROI of your advertising efforts. Small businesses pose no much less of a challenge than some other large company client; it will probably actually be more challenging to market small businesses because of the fact that most small businesses have a very restricted advertising and marketing budget.

Modern Users and customers aren’t just migrating online; they are online on the go -utilizing mobile gadgets more than ever in the history. The mobile internet is booming, all around the world and even where there was no internet before the mobile networks. For marketers, the emergence of the mobile era offers vast opportunities. As consumers, behaviour experiences a historical revolution, entrepreneurs, can likewise revolutionise the way they engage audiences and to obtain even more sales, increase engagement,
advertisement, and generate precious ongoing  PR.  Mobile marketing holds beside with new challenges.
The first question marketers ask themselves
. Is it distinctive marketing venue. , or an incorporation of other avenues? Or, is it simply a device to assist in traditional marketing channels execution?
How does mobile marketing fit within the broader marketing Strategy?
As more people use their smartphones to redeem vouchers or compare prices while shopping both online and in stores, for instance, the mobile channel is turning into the link between the online and offline realms. Mobile has verified itself as the dominant channel in marketing, complementing and supporting multiple other Marketing venues in the multi channel blend. Today, marketers need the skill level to integrate technology-rich channels with additional classic channels to ensure the client experience is seamless whether they are in-store or online, on their Smart phone, or communicating via any of the many other marketing mediums. The maturing of mobile creates a more compound marketing ecosystem, in which enormous amounts of consumers information can be monitored and analysed. Like never previously, Today’s marketers are expected to hold the technological skills and education if they intend to comprehend how all the new marketing channels meet, and how each Marketing channel can be optimised to achieve the best mixture.

Mobile Technology is set to create a fair greater influence this 12 months by bringing actually participating experiences into shoppers hands. As  mobile penetration continues increases and forms new clients expectations,

Approximately 75% of businesses will use four different channels to connect with their clients: usually their model’s web site, social media, e-mail and either app or SMM. Nevertheless, following buy the variety of channels used drops to round two.
At this moment there is absolutely no doubt  that the future of the marketing industry is trending mobile.

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Basic Information Abou Business Visa To Shenzhen

If you have ever wanted to visit China, now would be a pretty good time to make that happen. Non-Chinese passport holders entering Tibet must obtain a Tibet Travel Permit (TTP) prior to departure, issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau. 122 Although any travel between Tibet and other parts of Mainland China is considered domestic travel with no immigration checks, the TTP will be checked for all non-Chinese passport holders when going on board any buses, trains or airlines that are bounded for the TAR.

Interview applicants who visit the US for purchasing equipment/product: Applicants visiting the U.S. to purchase equipment/product will be asked to prepare additional documentation, in English, such as a contract, product/equipment description, export license number (if required) company description, etc. along with applicants’ detailed resumes. In this case, the Visa Officers have a better idea of the purpose of applicants’ travel.

Fast reliable travel Visa applications to the public and trade since 1970. A fast, flexible, cheap and reliable visa and passport service. Every effort is taken to ensure our website is accurate and up to date, however visa requirements are continually changing therefore Benmar offer no guarantee for absolute accuracy of cost and time for authorisation and delivery. E&OE. If in doubt, please call us for the latest information.

Copies of hotel booking for the entire stay in China. If you are applying for a double entry visa then all bookings must be accounted for. If you are staying with friends or family they must issue you with a signed invitation letter which must include your full name, gender, DOB, passport number, purpose of visit, intended entry and exit date, relationship with the inviter and source of financial support for your trip to China. The letter must include the inviter’s name, address, ID number, contact telephone number and signature of the inviter, also a copy of their ID, or if they are staying on a visa a copy of the visa as well.

For the worldwide businessmen, making a trip to Shenzhen takes numerous plannings, particularly for applying for a Chinese visa.The good news is that you possibly can apply for a visa on arrival in Shenzhen. Often, it takes about 10-quarter-hour. Shenzhen Visa on Arrival is nice for enterprise traveler and tourist who wish to visit Shenzhen by means of Hong Kong for lower than 5days. Typically, it’s essential to receive a visa before traveling to China. However, there’s some exception. Most nationalities of the following countries can simply get a visa on arrival in Shenzhen, equivalent to Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, Austria, Italy, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Other nationals are hard to get it if they have never been to Mainland, China.

The levels of air pollution in Hong Kong may aggravate bronchial, sinus or asthma conditions. People with existing heart or respiratory illnesses should reduce physical exertion and outdoor activities on days when very high pollution levels are recorded. The Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department provides up-to-date air quality reports and advice on its website.

It is important to consider the number of entries for a few reasons. Generally speaking, multiple entry visas are valid for a longer period of time. For instance, a single entry will generally only be valid to be used within a few months whereas a multiple entry visa will generally be valid for a year or longer. If you may travel to the country in the future, obtaining a multiple entry visa now may save you money in the long run.

Penalties for possession of illegal drugs, including ‘soft-drugs’, involve heavy fines and imprisonment. Each year, a number of foreigners are arrested for allegedly trafficking drugs, mainly when attempting to exit the airport in Hong Kong. See our Drugs page. Penalties also exist for possession without a prescription of sleeping tablets or prescription medication used in treating conditions such as erectile dysfunction or anxiety.

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mobile Marketing In China

WeChat Marketing

WeChat has become the promised land when it comes to conducting a social network campaign in China. It provide a wide range of services: Instant Messaging, like Whatsapp and Snapchat. Moments, are WeChat’s version of Facbook. users post via their profile, and it can be seen on your contacts’ Moments. Official accounts with aubscription. Probably the most beloved feature for marketers and content creators alike. Microsites and app-within-the-app. You can have your own website or app running inside the application. It opens great possibility for brands aswell as online retailers. WeChat e-wallet provides users the opportunity to connect the platform to their bank. Therefore, allowing them to use the app as a method of payment in many shops. You can also buy directly online or in the WeChat mobile commerce platform. Transactions can be made simply by scanning a QR code or transferring payments to other users.

WeChat happens to be the promised land in regard to to making a social network marketing campaign in China. It offers a number of of solutions: Instant Messaging, like Whatsapp and Snapchat. Moments, are WeChat’s variation of Facbook. users post via their profile, and it can easily be seen on their contacts’ Moments.

Official accounts with aubscription. Probably the most popular element for marketers and content creators alike.

Microsites and app-within-the-app.

Users can have their own website or app running inside the application. It opens superb prospect for brands aswell as online businesses.

WeChat e-wallet provides users the prospect to connect the platform to their bank. Therefore, making it possible them to use the app as a method of payment in plenty of shops. You can also buy straight online or in the WeChat mobile commerce platform. Transactions can be made just by scanning a QR code or transferring payments to other clients.


QQ marketing –
QQ is the most prevalent free instant messaging application China, and the world’s third most popular IM service. Since its entry into Chinese households QQ promptly appeared as a modern cultural phenomenon, now being portrayed in popular culture. Aside from the chat program, QQ has also developed many subfeatures including groups, games, pets, ringtone downloads, etc.

QQ has 340 million active users in China

Smart mobile Marketing Platform



The first  option to get a list going for an cell advertising campaign is the quaint means – asking for it. Whether it’s on the register as you might be checking them out or with a sign-up sheet and pen, simply be sure to ask. If they’re your customers already, just mention the words sale or low cost and they’re going to haven’t a difficulty supplying you with the information.


if the identical strategies would benefit your particular state of affairs. {a single{  One solution does NOT fit all. By providing customized, relevant content material and affords on the fitting platform, within the right format for consumers is vital. Firms that work to achieve insight into how, when and the place their clients purchase will be capable to formulate pertinent communications and offers and finally drive extra gross sales.
Here are some traits that brand marketers must watch out to remain on prime in 2015.  


want To draw an enormous audience and improve its relations with future customers, you may also permit buyer advice and opinion to be proven with the intention to attract individuals near to the store. If you want to develop your brand and attain a big viewers, WeChat is one of the best resolution
Intelligent Mobile Marketing Services On All Major Platforms


Our Mobile Marketing solution Provides intelligent advertising capabilities for WeChat, QQ mobile, QQ news , FaceBook, WhatsApp 5 APP WeChat, QQ mobile, QQ news , FaceBook, and WhatsApp 5 APP , combined utilizing cell phone cloud based smart control system and APP control platform,

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