BIS ChiefWorries about a “Systemic Threat” Of Bitcoin

BIS ChiefWarns Against a "Systemic Threat" Of Cryptocurrencies,

BIS general managerWarns Against a "Systemic Threat" Of Cryptocurrencies, Prompts "Pre-emptive Measures" From Authorities "If authorities do not act pre-emptively, cryptocurrencies could become more interconnected with the main financial system and become a threat… " The general manager of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has roasted bitcoin as a "combination of a bubble, a Ponzi scheme and an environmental disaster."   Augustin Carstens questioned Tuesday the sustainability of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and commented federal government had a obligation to clamp down on the payment technology



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A Small|A Little Canadian Bank Introduces Digital Vault For Bitcoins

A Very small|A Little} Canadian Bank Releases Digital Wallet For Bitcoins.
VersaBank, a Virtual Canadian chartered bank, is developing an innovative “Blockchain-based digital safety deposit box” for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies .

 the Bank published the appointing of a Chief Architect of Cyber Security  to supervise a staff of technicians in developing a innovative Blockchain-based digital safety deposit box, labeled as the VersaVault. The service will be available by June and will serve as a means to reserve cryptocurrencies.

It is well-known that physical assets such as precious metals be stored in Switzerland, Hong Kong, and even Singapore, but when it comes to virtual assets, could the country of choice soon be Canada? President and CEO David Taylor sure hopes so, and has positioned the bank to become a global leader in digital asset security from the position of safety.

 . “The bank wouldn’t have any kind of back door to open up the vault, we’re just providing the facility that folks could put their digital keys in.”
 It is yet unheard of how safe a "blockchain-based" crypt will be compared to basic  hard drives

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The FCA, UK’s financial regulatory authority, released a warning regarding hazards of online investment scam

The FCA, UK’s financial regulatory body, posted a warning concerning risks of online investment scam.

The FCA urged investors be watchful to fraudsters recommending investment opportunities in binary options, contracts for difference (CFDs) and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

The FCA warned that retails traders are targeted by scammers by means of social media avenues such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter, instead of by telephone, and are being baited to invest by promising big earnings and associating the prospects to luxury objects such as luxury cars and watches. As soon as someone invested, the prices distorted on their website, people are tied in with extreme pay-back demands and oftentimes customer accounts are shut down arbitrarily as the con artists steal the capital.

The boost in these fraudulence has affected the profile of the likely victims, too. In times past, the segment of people above 55s has been most in jeopardy to investment scams. Even so, the FCA’s present data has found that those aged under 25 were 13% more likely to rely on an investment suggestion they received via social media compared with 2% for the over 55s. Overall, around 20% of the participants to the FCA’s investigation stated that online user reviews and testimonies increased their confidence in a service or venture.

The FCA has started a ScamSmart promotion that advocates folks to look its devoted website to estimate whether a company is certified or to get help about whether an business is likely to be fraudulent.

The FCA’s essential tips to the public is:
Refuse unsolicited investment offers regardless of whether made online, on social media or through the telephone;
look at the FCA register in advance of investing
check the FCA alert list of firms to avoid;
Find unbiased advice before investing.<


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The stock market rises while speculators keep an eye the imminent inflation data

The stock exchange improves as investors keep an eye the future inflation reading

 Wall Street climbed on Tuesday,buoyed by and Apple, while investors focused on upcoming inflation data that could upset the market’s fragile recovery. (AMZN.O) rose 1.9 percent while Apple (AAPL.O) added 0.73 percent, both helping the S&P 500 shake off a negative open to the session and climb 0.13 percent in afternoon trade.

Evidence of the impact of unpredictable, at times frenetic markets was apparent almost everywhere in recent days. Traders who usually pick up their phones to exchange tidbits of details asked to speak after the close. Capital markets bankers cut meetings short to run back to their desks.
Among the biggest movers was sportswear retailer Under Armour (UAA.N), up more than 17 percent on solid quarterly sales, and AmerisourceBergen (ABC.N), up 8 percent following the Wall Street Journal reported Walgreens (WBA.O) was in quest of to buy out the drug distributor.

Cleveland Fed president Loretta Mester, a voting member in the central bank’s rate-setting committee this year, mentioned the present stock market sell-off and jump in movements will not affect the economy’s general solid opportunities.

After a incredibly volatile week that sent the market into correction territory, U.S. stocks gained nearly 3 percent over Friday and Monday, their greatest two-day increase since June 2016.


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The Reality Of Investment Risk

The Reality Of Investment Risk

In less than two months’ time, on January 3, 2018, the European Union’s (EU) Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) will become law, introducing enormous changes to the operational processes at buy-side and sell-side organisations. MiFID II is an EU-centric regulation but its reverberations will be felt globally, meaning Asia-Pacific (APAC) financial institutions need to check that they are in total compliance with the new rules. The real estate market collapses when interest rates rise because mortgages are more expensive, leading to a decline in demand among homeowners and investors. A classic example of the disastrous impact of rising interest rates on housing is the bursting of the U.S. housing bubble which started in 2006. It was largely accelerated by a sharp rise in variable mortgage interest rates, followed by the federal funds rate, which rose from 2.25% at the beginning of 2005 to 5.25% in late 2006.

The tightening phase should gain momentum this month, with the vast majority of economists polled expecting a quarter percentage point rate rise, largely due to a tight labour market and robust economic growth in 2017. This will represent the third interest rate hike in 2017 and will take the benchmark federal funds rate to a range of 1.25% to 1.5%.

InflationInflation A rise in the cost of goods and services over a set period of time. This means a dollar can buy fewer goods over time. In most cases, inflation is measured by the Consumer Price Index. + read full definition means higher consumer prices. This often slows sales and reduces profits. Higher prices will also often lead to higher interest rates. For example, the Bank of Canada may raise interest rates to slow down inflation. These changes will tend to bring down stock prices. Commodities however, may do better with inflation, so their prices may rise.

There has been enormous hype about major technology players – who possess massive amounts of data on their clients – making a tactical move into distribution. These include the likes of Amazon, Facebook or Google, the latter of whom has actually undertaken research into whether establishing an asset management business would make economic sense. Interestingly, only 22% foresaw these players as a threat in the Calastone study.



The ISDA Master Agreement also contains an Illegality” termination event, which is triggered when it becomes illegal for a party to make or receive payments or deliveries or otherwise to comply with obligations under the Master Agreement in question; however, we consider it unlikely that this termination event would be triggered in relation to existing trades by Brexit. If specific termination events had been built into an agreement to deal with, say, the investment manager of a transacting fund losing the right to do business in a relevant jurisdiction, Brexit could result in the early termination of a number of transactions.

Citigroup is going invest in London

 Citigroup is going invest in London,

City Bank is Recruiting human resources in spite of Brexit: 

Wall Street bank Citigroup Inc will put together an creativity center in London in one of the primary investments by a serious U.S. bank since Brexit, the Financial Times said on Sunday.

The bank will initially hire 60 technologists for the center, James Cowles, chief executive Officer for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


The center in London will also contain the EMEA devision of Citi ventures and employees from across the company’s businesses, in a growth for UK’s financial services marketplace ahead of Brexit.


European Commission administrators denied the City of London’s proposal to strike a post-Brexit free-trade deal on financial services, a major setback to Britain’s desires of managing extensive access to EU markets for one of the world’s major two financial centers.


Britain is by now hub to the world’s highest number of banks commercial insurance firms. Approximately 6 trillion euros ($7.35 trillion), or 37 percent, of Europe’s financial assets are administered in (London|the UK capital}, almost twice the amount of its nearest competitor, Paris.


About 10,000 finance jobs will be moved out of Britain or created overseas in the up coming few years if it is declined access to Europe’s single market.
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